Plasma cutting:
We produce with a modern underwater-plasma cutting machine: max. operating range: 12 x 2,5 m max. thickness: 130 mm advanced technology, excellent cutting quality and tight tolerances for thin and thick plates short delivery times due to high-cutting speed underwater-plasma cutting up to 50 mm thickness precision-cutting through our entire thickness range with the latest technology
Water-Jet cutting:
With two water-jet machines we can cut from our stock: max. operationg range: 6 x 2,5 m max. thickness: 130 mm three cutting qualities (fine-, quality- and production cut) precision cut on request, tolerances +/-0,1 mm possible No reaction to heat, hardness increase, bending, or tension due to cutting
With both production technologies, we can offer markings (centerings for holes, text, bending lines etc.) on your products. We produce, from our machines, in accordance to DIN EN ISO 9013. Please consider this specification for inquiries and orders.
 Inox Schneidservice GmbH
Manufacturing process